The AWA MODULA 25 system produces up to 250 litres per day of very high quality water.

Alongside water production for a simple system, the AWA MODULA 25 system can also be configured to integrate and complement existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems by simultaneously producing:

  • Primary Cool Air at 22°C
  • Heating of external water source to 50°C up to 270 Litres/Hour

The utilisation of the HVAC (cool air, hot water) energy produced during water production can provide substantial energy cost savings which can totally offsets the cost of water production.

The AWA MODULA 25 system can be easily installed in private homes, hotels, resorts, residential buildings, hospitals, farms, camps, communities, greenhouses, hydroponics and irrigation.

  • 25
    Nominal water production at 30°-70% R.H. 250 litres/day
    Installed electrical power 3.5kw
    Power Supply Option(s) 220 V ± 10% /1 Ph /50 – 60 Hz
    400 V ± 10% /3 Ph /50 – 60 Hz
    Energy consumption 0.28 kWh/litres ± 5%
    Cooling circuit coolant R134a
    Sound pressure level 55 dBA (at a distance of 10m)
    Size (W x D x H) 2205 x 880 x 1870 mm
    Weight 415 kg
    Operating range from 5°C / 90% R.H. to 50°C/10% R.H.
    Available cooling thermal power (Water) 11 kW – 270 litres/hour 50°C
    Available cooling thermal power (Air) 1150 m3 / hour at 24°C and 40% R.H.
    Water Treatment System Option(s) Basic
    Drinking ECO
    Drinking Premium